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descriptiondefaultMaharaja Express, India's most luxurious train in the world

Indian Railway and Tourism Administration's attempt to launch a luxury train, this train is called maharajahs The Royal Tour Ayndyn rail passenger services of tourism offers.

Krkar company director Peter says: The train is very luxurious and the fact that first captures the quality and decorating services in India will leave the station. Interior decorating specifically in this train and it is unique. It adds that tourism is the way we train our national Aftar luxury management and we are ready for service and income for the tourism industry in India.

The train has 23 carriages, and generally has a capacity of 82 passengers on this train far luxury suites and 5 luxury suites each of which has four rooms with separate bedroom and stylish bathroom and toilet , as well as This train is also a regular suites, and while tourism is the best option to enjoy the holiday.

And at the end of the regular trains, especially the public!

descriptiondefaultRe: Maharaja Express, India's most luxurious train in the world

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