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default Interesting photos of the sun

on Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:24 pm
Eddington once said that nothing could be simpler than the stars. But our Sun, like any other star – not just a giant ball of hot plasma. Sun - misc. This fully demonstrates his work an amateur astronomer and part-time photographer Alan Friedman of the United States.
Beautiful and unusual images of the sun it gets through a special filter that blocks all light except for a narrow strip of dark red, which emits intense hot hydrogen. Until recently, such filters have been available only to professionals. And he treated Alan cheap – at $ 5,000. The filter is installed on a small telescope with a lens diameter of 90 mm, which is rigidly fixed in the courtyard in front of the housephotographer. Friedman lives in a suburb of a fairly large city (Buffalo, NY), where urban illumination makes inaccessible to observation distant galaxies and nebulae. That’s why he focused his research on objects in the Solar System – Moon, planets and, of course, Sun. I must say that very often succeed him very beautiful pictures showing the Sun in a new light.

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